Our own CMM and
modernized room


We are part
of ISO TS 16949


We have decades of
experiences in high volume


We offer a clean room for
100% quality control

Sonet Plus

Our company offers advanced CNC machining already for 24 years. It is family-driven manufacturing
company, that competes on mid to high volume single piece CNC turning and milling market. We have
profound knowledge in producing non-ferrous metals. Our own skilled R&D sector and Tool shop produces
excellent clamping devices that alongside with new machine park offer the best possible platform to
produce even the most complex parts.

Our passion

Our passion lies in machinery construction and automatization. We can proudly say, that all 8 robotic and washing cells are products of our own design and Tool shop. We use our broad experience of machinery construction in our production facilities, which is why we can achieve superior quality and price.

Our production runs in three shifts, with high automatization of process and quality control.


Our advantage

Our biggest advantage is offering turnkey solutions in every aspect of the manufacturing business. We are uniting all phases of processes needed to produce desired parts: Inbound logistics, machining and any additionally needed processes, complete quality control, statistic support and outbound logistics. We can also prepare optimal preposition for technology of machining, choose optimal tools, prepare control plans and if necessary, produce prototypes needed for the start of production run.

We are offering our full support to our customers in order to achieve lower costs and simplification of process. We are certain, that only PDCA processes lead to high productivity with high quality